The GREATEST miracle of course is salvation. Over the last 25 years of ministry God has made us fishers of men. There is no joy greater than winning the lost and seeing the fresh tears of repentance as people have asked Jesus to come into their heart and to really make Him Lord of All. Many have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit which absolutley changed their entire lives.


Over the years God has healed people of cancer, peridontal gum disease with all loose teeth becoming solid, dissolved blood clots, brain tumors, instantly healing a broken leg, and many kinds of other physical diseases as well as emotional healings. Little children have been so touched by His presence they wept while standing in line as they came up on their own to be prayed for.

Recently He has graciously done creative miracles, such as giving someone a brand new eardrum where there was previously none existing, dissolved a tumor in the ear, liquified a grapefruit size cancer tumor under an arm and no sign of cancer has ever returned. He has recently healed a lady of bi-polar disease after being afflicted for many years. You see we serve a wonderful loving Father who still does Miracles So Great. To You God we give all the honor and glory due your Holy Name!


Connie Carpenter moves in tandem with the Holy Spirit. It has been my privilege to know her for approximately 5 years. I have been in several of her meetings and I have never left one of them the same as when I came. By the power of the Holy Spirit moving through this yielded and extremely sensitive woman, I have witnessed the awesome and holy presence of God ministering directly to people. Connie, ministers to the "whole" person. The respect and honor that Connie displays to the Lord and to the people she is ministering to, is unprecedented. The teaching she share's is sound. My life, the life of my family, and the life of my church has been forever changed, through the life giving ministry of this beautiful servant of God. To God be the Glory! DJ, Midwes.


Sunday night after offering was over I took it back and helped count it - my normal board duties. After the offering was locked in the safe. I walked back up the hallway to go back into the service.

As I came to the end of the hallway and the beginning of the foyer out side the sanctuary I began to hear what sounded like the sound man playing praise songs on a stereo up in the sound booth. I thought he had make a mistake regarding playing a song that Connie had requested off of a Charles Martin CD because the music & singing I heard was not Charles Martin.

I took a few steps up the sound booth stairs and saw him just sitting at his post watching the service and there was no music playing in the sound booth but I still heard it' seemingly above the ceiling of the sound booth.

I walked through the sanctuary doors into the service and heard the music still again and it seemed to be coming from above the roof. The sound was more pure than what one hears from an individual, tape or CD. At the same time I thought my contacts were drying out and a haze was forming on them. I rubbed my eyelids over my contacts to moisten them but the haze was still there.

I realized my contacts were not dry. I realized that I was seeing smoke. I immediately thought Oh No! One of the furnaces must be on fire or a fire is in the back and the furnaces are putting the smoke into the sanctuary. When I thought that thought, the roof of the building was no more, the heavens opened up and I saw angels, what seemed like all the hosts of heaven singing over the church, worshiping God. It was the music and song I had heard earlier.

Then Connie suddenly said "something just changed - Tom, did you notice it?" Just slightly before Connie made that statement I saw smoke ( His glory cloud) enter the sanctuary midway up the building on the west wall. When I looked at the cloud of glory, I saw us (every one there that night) in the temple of old and we were all standing behind the veil in the very presence of God. What a glorious experience!


To God Be the Glory for the Great Things He has done!



Connie CarpenterWe want to hear your testimonies if this ministry has positively impacted you! Please email us at testimonies@conniecarpenter.org.
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